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Sgt. Chris Foreman

Chris has been employed with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office since 2003. For the last six years he has been assigned as the Sergeant of the Columbia River Drug Task Force (CRDTF). (February of 2011-2018) Chris supervised a patrol squad since 2008, prior to being appointed to the CRDTF, and was a patrol corporal for 2 years prior to his promotion to sergeant. In addition to his Supervisory duties at the drug task force he currently is deputized as a US Marshall for the Pacific Northwest Violent Offender’s Task Force for Eastern Washington. Since becoming the Sergeant of the Columbia River Drug Task Force Chris has attended numerous narcotics-related supervisory courses in Washington State, in California at the California Narcotics Officers Association Conference and Nevada at the International School of Undercover Officers. Sgt. Foreman is currently the Sgt. of Arms board member for the Washington State Narcotics Investigators Association. Starting in January of 2018 Sgt. Foreman is city of Chelan Sergeant.

During his career Chris has been used in several law enforcement teaching disciplines. He was a Field Training Officer, has been the Field Training Officer Coordinator and holds certifications in both Marine Patrol and Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol. Chris is also one of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Taser Instructor’s. Chris has been a SWAT operator since 2005, serving as an element leader on the Chelan County Regional SWAT team since 2008. In 2016 he was selected as the Assistant Team Leader. In addition to attending the WSTOA SWAT basic academy, he has been trained in Tactical Tracking and High-Risk Search Warrant Service. Chris attended the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Conference in Seattle in 2012 attending the Advanced Tactics and Operations course. In 2015 he attended the NTOA Conference in Salt Lake City, UT and attended the Team Leader Development course. Chris is a current NTOA member.

Helping his colleagues overcome the challenges faced by front-line law enforcement officers who are the first to respond to a wide variety of life-threatening medical emergencies is one of Chris’ highest priorities. Chris contributes to the CFA training team by bringing his extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of tactical categories to both the classroom and training scenarios. As a primary classroom instructor, CFA Skills Expert, and training scenario monitor, he delivers credible and relevant patrol level insights which helps the attendees grasp the medical techniques while recognizing the importance of also executing sound patrol tactics.

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