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John Oliphant

Corporal, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Combat First Aid is practical, real-life first aid training for first responders. The material covered and taught in this class is critical to saving your own life, should you be injured in the line of duty and are forced to wait for medical care. The techniques are simple and highly effective. The course instructor, Jennifer Foreman, is a consummate professional and truly knows her craft. She has a wealth of knowledge about this topic and is able to provide the information in a format that allows for the greatest amount of student learning. I recommend this course to anyone in the law enforcement field.

Jeremy Knight

Police Officer, Lacey Police Department

I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from our shift. I appreciate your very apparent sincere passion for saving the lives of first responders. Very honorable. This is training every law enforcement officer must have. Combat First Aid is as essential as any core training class in the academy. Well presented, realistic, scenario-based instruction that leaves you convinced you could do this in the field.

Chief Kevin Dresker

Oak Harbor Police Chief

I recommend this course to anyone involved in law enforcement, especially those working the streets and in specialty units like SWAT or a drug task force. I had the privilege of working with the instructor (Jenn Foreman) when I was the team leader for the Chelan County Regional SWAT team. There was a need for a basic life-saving course for our team and I wasn’t interested in treating snake bites, hypothermia or the other assorted injuries which are usually dealt with in first aid. My goal, and Jenn’s, was to provide information to officers which they could use in a combat situation, in order to save their life or the life of their buddy. Jenn put together a great course, utilizing her years of experience in the medical profession and as a Tactical Medic with our team. She provided this course for our SWAT team and then I had her provide the course for all of the officers at my department. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from those who’ve taken her course. Thank you Jenn.

Chris Leblanc

Prevail Training

My friend Jenn Foreman is standing up a website for her tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) training company Combat First Aid.

Jen is an experienced Paramedic, a tactical medic (honored as SWAT Operator of the Year by her team in 2009), and a great instructor. Her Combat First Aid class offers practical exercises which really help ingrain the lessons; after simply auditing the practical portion of her class I have felt much more confident in handling some actual incidents in the field – thankfully not with officers.

I recommend Combat First Aid training to any LEO interested in developing the basic survival skills that could be necessary in a critical incident, whether caring for a fellow officer, a victim of violence, or even oneself. Training like this should be standard at law enforcement academies everywhere.

Steve Gonzalez

Police Officer, Aberdeen Police Department

This is my second time attending the class.  I will continue to attend every chance possible.  Fantastic Training.  Thank You.

Deputy Jason Harris

Snohomish County Deputy

The gun shot wound training was so valuable.  Some of the best training I have had.  Awesome combination with scenarios.

Clyde Foreman

Chief of Operations, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office (Retired). Retired Supervisory Special Agent FBI

Jennifer is a Tactical Medic for our regional SWAT team. She has distinguished herself as an outstanding instructor with a passion for Combat First Aid. She was the driving force to develop a Tactical Medic program for our Regional SWAT Team in 2005 and continues to manage the program.

Joe Waldon

Police Officer, Lacey Police Department

The topics Jennifer presents in her training are by far some of the most applicable and practical training I have received in a long time. As a SWAT Operator and Police Officer, I strongly believe that every Law Enforcement Officer, regardless of their assigned detail, attend this training. Combat First Aid is training that could not only save the trained Officer’s life, but also gives that Officer the knowledge to save a partner’s life as well.

Guy Minor

Retired Law Enforcement and Current Owner of GMM Defense

Some of the best training I’ve ever had, in 33 years of USMC and police work. Jen has really put it all together and her law enforcement instructors add huge credibility.

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Combat First Aid is a course for Law Enforcement Officers as well as civilians to learn to stay in the fight or save a life in any situation.

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